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Turning Indoor Farming into a Highly Profitable Venture!
Reinfa specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performing indoor grow systems for the vertical farming industry, offering comprehensive and tailored grow room solutions. Our product line, encompassing FarmAero, FarmHydro, FarmDrip, UniFarm, Grow Rack, and holistic grow room solutions – FarmMax and FarmInn – is meticulously designed to optimize crop cultivation mainly including lettuce and other leafy greens, medical plants like canna, saffron, vine vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries.
Reinfa's innovative technologies are deeply rooted in our market insights and customer understanding. We firmly believe in customer-centric service, prioritizing our clients'actual needs to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions.
Experience the future of Lettuce indoor farming with Reinfa Revolutionary Technology.
  • All planting rafts can be conveniently positioned and collected at the front of the tray. This strategic placement eliminates the need for growers to navigate the entire production line, saving both time and energy. 


  • Each layer features connected planting tubs with a sleek, debris-resistant surface, streamlining maintenance and reducing grower workload.


Reinfa's FarmAero: Elevating Aeroponic Cultivation
More Resilient Root Environment for Plants  
Less Maintenance Workload for Growers
FarmAero distinguishes itself by prioritizing plant growth through meticulous design features and innovative aeroponic technology. The optimization of planting container design, careful selection of nozzles, and precise control of water collectively contribute to a more resilient root environment. This not only enhances the cooling and oxygen volume of the planting container but also minimizes the risk of clogging, ultimately reducing maintenance tasks for growers.